Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Final 36 American Idol Places

Well a lot has happened since my last post American Idol 8, and all the auditions have been accounted for and the contestants destined for Hollywood are now already there. In fact the show has progressed somewhat since I last wrote in here, so it is a timely idea to bring this blog up to speed on the progress of the popular talent contest TV show!

All 36 of the finalists were chosen and divided into three groups of contestants who will be battling it out in separate shows to see who goes into the final 12 round.

This is decided by electing three guaranteed places in each round and then three more from each group are selected to go into a wild card round totaling another 12 contestants from whom the last three finalists will be chosen. This is sort of a second chance for those contestants who nearly made it into the last three of their respective groups to further impress the judges and of course the audience to vote them through into the final 12.

So far, the first group has already contested the first of those three places and the lucky contestants to have guaranteed places in the final 12 are Alexis Grace, Danny Gokey and Michael Sarver. These three fine performers are now sitting pretty at the top of the pile awaiting the other nine to join them for a real humdinger of a show.

This final 12 episode is where some will go further and others will fall by the wayside in a show that rewards talent and vocals as well as performing skills to select from its numbers a final winner in the last show in the series.

So enjoy the fun and entertainment that American Idol provides for its many viewers not only across the United States, but also to many countries worldwide!

American Idol

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